March 2012 Conference

‘How to overcome social barriers and build a successful community’

As we set our objective to work with Local authorities, Embassies, Charities, Associations and Private organisations in order to reach out to communities and impact their lives, this conference saw the presence of the Mayor of Southwark and the Ambassador of the Ivory Coast. According to some delegates, the event was very well organised and it offered the opportunityto hear from excellent speakers and to network at the highest level.

The Mayor and the Ambassador of the Ivory Coast went on the stage to congratulate and thank Ouverture for such an initiative and offered their full support to the organisation.

The audience had the opportunity to hear Mike Royal address the main topic of the evening: ‘How to overcome social barriers and build a successful community’. He delivered an excellent speech educating and challenging the audience at the same time with some practical evidence based on his life journey and his experience as the Director of TLG. The conference saw two more speakers take the stage.

Pr Lehandre Sahiri addressed the topic: 'How reading can contribute to our success’. In a lecture style mixed with humour Pr Shahiri was able to explain the advantages of reading regularly and the consequences of not reading.

Joseph Dosso addressed the audience on the topic: ‘How to use the power in you for your success’. He displayed his mastery in the subject and taught the delegated how the power in them can lead them to greater achievement as success originates from within.

Mr Pépin Yasin, a local businessman took to the stage to explain to the audience how from nothing he managed to overcome some barriers and be in the position where he is today. He was an inspiration to many delegates.

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